Our proposal fitness center covers an area of about 1 thousand square meters, which includes 3 meeting room- large representative hall 1 (approx. 120m2), hall 2 climate is mainly used for practicing mental and trx (approx. 50m2) and two-level room 3 (approx. 100m2), which are basically classes Indoor Walking and personal training.

All classes are taught by qualified and experienced personnel instruktorską, are held every day starting from the morning until late at night. Their program was designed so that everyone, regardless of age, physical conditions and the goal was to find the appropriate workout for yourself.

Those who prefer to exercise safely and effortlessly, we offer you popular PILATES to help improve posture, STRETCHING, that is, exercises rozciągająco – relaxing, BODY ART, linking the leisure and exercise the new DEEP WORK, that is, the energy functional training.

We especially recommend our new club, that is a very fashionable class on the mechanical raceways INDOOR WALKING, or on a specially suspended the ropes TRX. Individuals who have the best physical form and physical form, as well as those who participate in our events for a long time, we offer classes rzeźbiące body using barbells and weights, that is, PUMP or GPP exercises to strengthen and reduce the fatty tissue vulnerable parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks. Along with the classic fitness club welcome to dance ZUMBA is inspired by Latin American rhythms, a fusion of dance and aerobics.

For clients Apartments to participate in the fitness discount 20 %.

The condition of participation in the signing individual than on-site conditions for sports, which is located at the club reception.

Detailed information, description, classes, graphics You will find on the website