The Atlantic Club fitness covers an area of about 1 thousand square meters. We have 3 conference rooms – a large hall № 1, hall № 2, used mainly for mental training, and a two-level room № 3, which hosts classes, Indoor Walking, strengthening and personal training.

All classes are conducted by a qualified and experienced instructor. Held daily, from early morning until night. They were designed so that everyone, regardless of age, physical conditions, condition, and goals could choose a training suitable for themselves.

We offer mental Pilates classes, Stretching, healthy Spine, Yoga, bodyArt whether Deepwork, classes like Indoor Walking, Step, Flat Stomach, Aerobox, firming such as GPP, Pupomania, Brzuchomania, Pump, TRX, as well as dance classes like Zumba or Dance Fit.

For clients Apartments to participate in the fitness discount 20%.

The condition of participation in the signing individual than on-site conditions for sports, which is located at the club reception.

Detailed information, description, classes, graphics You will find on the website