Sauna is a hot therapy for body and soul…. It is not only a place that reduces the daily stress and fatigue, and also gets rid of toxins from the human body. Regular sauna gives the skin a beautiful appearance without the need of dermatological treatment.

The origins of the sauna date back to antiquity, where indoors, these ignited stones, then pour water on them, creating a hot atmosphere. The first written use of the following relaxation techniques can be found among the Aztecs, Indians, and Eskimos. The tradition of the heated air has survived to the present day and represents an important element of rest and recovery.

A healthy lifestyle effect of sauna on the human body is no doubt, but subject to certain rules. Piętnastominutowy session in a sauna heated to 100 degrees C increases the skin temperature by a few degrees, and body temperature increases by one degree, resulting in killing viruses and bacteria through the greater production of immune system cells. An important element of the hot therapy is to take after leaving the saunas, alternating hot and cold shower and end with a 30-minute break. Fulfilled time guarantees us a good mood, relaxes muscles and activates the circulation of our body.

The rules of good use of the sauna:

    • one session should not exceed 15 minutes,
    • the maximum number of repetitions in a single session should not exceed 3 areas,
    • saunas use a maximum of 2 times a week,
    • before entering the sauna is good to snuggle, which will lead to increase in sweating,
    • after leaving the sauna it is necessary to take alternately hot and cold shower,
    • do not use a sauna during pregnancy, blood circulation problems and during severe influenza,
    • do not use a sauna after drinking alcohol or after a heavy lunch,
    • after the end of the session, rest for 30 minutes so that your body was able to return to normal conditions.

Atlantic Apartments customers can use the sauna free of charge.
The condition of participation in the signing individual than on-site conditions for sports, which is located at the club reception.