At the reception, the Apartment will Find all necessary information about the most interesting places in Krakow. In addition, each desire, we can arrange for You:

  • guides who oprowadzą and tells the story of a great place
  • medley with drivers who drive You in the appointed place,
  • hiking through the Old Market and Kazimierz, Schindler’s factory,
  • bicycle rental,
  • a lot of other attractions.

Krakow is not only the Wawel castle and the Cloth Hall. We can arrange tours to any place within the city that are sure to look out for:

  • Auschwitz Birkenau – a place in the memory of the most terrible in the history of the World, designed and organized the death of the person it was built by Germans in a concentration camp in Auschwitz. Each of us has the ability to know the dark side of the ideological and tragic story of the victims of this place. Everyone in the world needs to see this place.
  • The salt mine in Wieliczka is the only salt mine in the world preserved in such good condition that offers its size the whole day of sightseeing. In addition to the tourist routes, the mine can offer to organize events such as weddings, communions, and conferences, the cost is mass, and guests can rent underground rooms for the night. Not without a case, the salt mine in Wieliczka was included in the first list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and attracts over a million tourists a year, and after the tickets standing in long queues.
  • Zakopane, located at the foot of the mountains, the winter capital of Poland. This city does not need anyone to represent. High mountains, beautiful valleys, and rich nature decide about the advantages of this place. All the best connecting roads make this tour turns out to be a cool adventure in which you can implement in one day.
  • Wadowice – the family town of Pope John Paul II. The route aims to increase the life of the Pope through his family home, the stages of the pontificate, the days of the military, and at the end of his visit to Poland. Within the tour You can visit the Calvary Zebrzydowską – the largest Calvary in Europe, the sanctuary of Divine Mercy in łagiewniki, where the relics of St. Sister Faustina Kowalska, and in the end John Paul II, which you can see the cassock from the assassination attempt on his life.